Polled Miniature Hereford

Here at The Farm Miniature Hereford, we like to accommodate the broad spectrum of customers that have come to depend on us. Breeding both polled and horned Miniature Herefords, we’ve discovered they are identical in terms of efficiency, production and disposition. Since many of our clients feel more comfortable with the polled Miniature Hereford, our herd is designed to meet their demand. However all of our Miniature Hereford are very docile, easy to manage and provide the best Miniature Herefords have to offer.

Choice Miniature Herefords.

Our polled Miniature Hereford herd was bred specifically to have no horns. Breeding polled Miniature Hereford is a natural process, not “engineered in a laboratory”, keeping intact all the highest standards and characteristics of Miniature Hereford cattle. The popularity of families raising their own livestock and the number of small farms is rising and The Farm Miniature Hereford provides the options that they request.

Always the Highest Quality

Whatever your preference happens to be, polled or horned, rest assured The Farm Miniature Herefords will exceed your expectations. With more and more interest in raising livestock, people frequently have Miniature Herefords at the top of their list. The Farm Miniature Hereford cattle is exemplary when it comes to accepted metrics that determine the highest quality. Our Miniature Hereford enjoy a habitat and a day to day experience that is preeminent in the cattle business. When you visit, you’ll see all of our Miniature Herefords and know that your decision for polled or horned will be based more on what you find to be more visually appealing. We don’t have a preference, we are proponents of all our Miniature Herefords!

Meet Roselle

Oh yes, she’s a fine representative of our polled Miniature Hereford and every bit as sweet as she seems in this photo. Like all of our Miniature Hereford, she’s outstanding when it comes to all the best aspects that make Miniature Hereford one of the most desired breeds of miniature cattle.

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