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It is going to be a stellar year for Miniature Hereford cattle at The Farm! It never stops being exciting, ever after so many years, when hard work and thoughtful planning and breeding come to fruition and results in something that transcends your expectations. Our Miniature Hereford cattle is hard to beat and we anticipate a new higher standard in Miniature Hereford cattle with our current breeding program. If you’re in search of preeminent Miniature Hereford to start or enhance your herd, give The Farm Miniature Hereford a call at 518-280-9993 and schedule a visit to The Farm. From beginning to end, your time at The Farm will be an unforgettable great experience and your Miniature Hereford from The Farm  will give you a lifetime of personal and financial rewards!

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Due to popularity and demand, reservations are now being accepted for current and upcoming miniature Hereford cattle from The Farm. Please call The Farm at 518-280-9993 for availability along with details and specs.

Please inquire about discount package pricing.

Whether beginning your new herd, improving an existing one or just adding a new member to your family,  the quality of our miniature Hereford cattle will be undeniable.





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